Recycle more. Waste less.

The more you recycle, the less waste you create - which conserves our natural resources and contributes to a more sustainable planet.

That’s why hundreds of organizations rely on Waste Reduction Group as their one-stop shop for end-to-end recycling and waste management services that keep most of their waste out of landfill.

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WRG is your one-stop shop for recycling services and waste disposal.

We conduct certified waste audits, then build your waste reduction work plan with diversion opportunities and metrics.

Based on your needs, we recommend, procure and deliver all necessary recycling and waste disposal containers.

Our fleet of specialized trucks collect and properly dispose all of your waste streams, recycling as much as possible.

We create custom Waste Capture & Diversion Reports to track and manage progress.

Our Services

Recycling & Waste Management

Our fleet of specialized trucks collect all waste streams, diverting as much as possible to our network of material recovery facilities.

Waste Audits & Reporting

We conduct large residential waste stream audits for municipalities and annual O. Reg. 94/2 Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans for the private sector.

Recycling & Waste Containers

We offer a full suite of recycling and waste management products - compactors, multi-stream units, custom signage, compostable bags, and much more.

Mobile Power Washing Truck

Our Mobile Power Washing Truck comes right to you, providing a powerful pressure wash service to clean up sites, equipment, fleets, and so much more.

Recycle Your Waste
Paper ♻️ Cardboard 👍 Milk Cartons 🥛 Tissue Boxes 🤧 Newspaper 🗞 Magazines 👉 Animal Bedding 🐹 Wood Pallets 🪵 Organics 🌎 Paper Towels 🧻 Flyers 🦉 Shredded Paper Glass Bottles 🧞 Food Cans 🥫 Aluminum Trays 🐔 Plastic Bottles 🍼 Fridges Coffee Grinds Plastic Bags 🛍️ Fruit Peels 🥝 Textiles 👚 Batteries 🔋 Copper 🔑 Egg Shells 🐣 Potato Peels 🥔
Fridges Coffee Grinds Plastic Bags 🛍️ Fruit Peels 🥝 Textiles 👚 Batteries 🔋 Copper 🔑 Egg Shells 🐣 Potato Peels 🥔 Paper ♻️ Cardboard 👍 Milk Cartons 🥛 Tissue Boxes 🤧 Newspaper 🗞 Magazines 👉 Animal Bedding 🐹 Wood Pallets 🪵 Organics 🌎 Paper Towels 🧻 Flyers 🦉 Shredded Paper Glass Bottles 🧞 Food Cans 🥫 Aluminum Trays 🐔
Potato Peels 🥔 Egg Shells 🐣 Copper 🔑 Batteries 🔋 Textiles 👚 Fruit Peels 🥝 Plastic Bags 🛍️ Coffee Grinds Fridges Plastic Bottles 🍼 Aluminum Trays 🐔 Food Cans 🥫 Glass Bottles 🧞 Shredded Paper Flyers 🦉 Paper Towels 🧻 Organics 🌎 Wood Pallets 🪵 Animal Bedding 🐹 Magazines 👉 Newspaper 🗞 Tissue Boxes 🤧 Milk Cartons 🥛 Cardboard 👍 Paper ♻️

Recycle More.

By mimicking nature's circular process, we can protect our planet's natural resources for generations to come.

In 2023, we helped our customers divert over 10,000 metric tonnes of waste from landfill.

Why Work With WRG?

We’re environmentalists at heart, and we care passionately about where your waste ends up.

Our leadership team has dedicated their careers to helping preserve our planet for future generations. Combined with our collective 75 years of experience navigating the recycling industry, sustainability, and waste management industries, we have become trusted leaders in keeping our valuable resources in cycle, and out of landfills.

Leadership Team

The Company We Keep

The Company We Keep

"For the past several years, Waste Reduction Group has helped us create and implement custom recycling and diversion programs through facility audits, collection and reporting."

Brad Nickel
Manager, Facilities

"Waste Reduction Group has been an integral partner in Yorkdale's industry-leading recycling programs. Since 2020, they have helped us steer much of our waste away from landfill, while bringing forward multiple innovative recycling initiatives."

Joe Rodrigues
Maintenance Manager
Yorkdale Mall, Oxford Properties

"Waste Reduction Group took the time to fully understand our operations, then created a custom and budget-friendly recycling and waste management system that has helped us divert most of our waste from landfill."

David Watson
Eastbound Brewing Co.

Our Leadership

Tullio is a pioneer of the recycling industry in Canada, dedicating his 30-year career to managing Canada’s waste problem responsibly and deliberately. When he founded Waste Reduction Group, his goal was to reduce our impact on the environment through custom waste collection and specialized diversion plans that focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials.

Tullio Bugada

Founder & CEO

Chris is a passionate sustainability warrior and business leader with 20 years experience helping businesses best position themselves across various industries. Chris joined Waste Reduction Group in 2021 as General Manager, and has recently moved into a new role where he leverages his business acumen and strategic planning to guide the company through a new wave of rapid growth.

Chris Hopper

VP, Growth & Finance

Jim manages our fleet and operations team - with safety and excellence in Operations and Customer Service as the driving forces behind every thing we do. Jim's 25 years in the Waste Management and Recycling Industry have covered all aspects from Dispatch to District Management, including Senior roles with Industry Leaders. Customer centric values are intrinsic for Jim in managing our daily operations.

Jim Roberts

VP, Operations

In The Cycle

From Food Court to Garden Bed

Waste Reduction Group partners with Yorkdale Shopping Centre and Scarborough Town Centre to create a custom, circular model for food waste.

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WRG is leading the charge in keeping organic waste out of landfill.

The methane emissions crisis demands a rapid transformation of how we handle organic waste in Canada. 

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University of Toronto named most sustainable university in the world

WRG helped the University of Toronto reach its goal of becoming the world's top ranked university for sustainability.

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