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We provide integrated waste management consulting services to a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional clients that typically generate multiple waste streams and include more specialized wastes.

Waste Reduction Group Inc has thorough knowledge of Ontario Regulations 347/90, 102/94 and 103/94 as well as other solid waste management regulations and guidelines and offers a wide range of expertise to help clients become the best waste reducers and recyclers in their respective industries.

Our experience in implementing and managing recycling and waste reduction programs places us in the unique position of understanding the different types of services available to meet our clients’ specialized needs. We marry the needs and requirement of our clients with the strengths and abilities of the various service providers.

Waste Reduction Group Inc specializes in the following consulting services:

Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work Plans – Conducted based on the requirements of Ontario Regulation 102/94 and 103/94  to maximize recycling potential for various clients in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.


Source Separation Programs – Developed to ensure that both the clients’ needs and the specific requirements of O.Reg.103/94 are met.

Stewardship Ontario Reporting - Stewardship Ontario requires Brand Owners and First Importers of Designated Blue Box Waste (Packaging and Printed Material) that are resident in Ontario, to contribute funds to cover payments to municipalities that are equal to 50% of the net cost of operating municipal Blue Box recycling programs.

Waste Reduction Group assists clients to:

Prepare annual reports required by Stewardship Ontario determining applicable fees required to be paid by Stewards to assist in operating municipal Blue Box recycling programs.

Develop integrated waste management plans for various clients, analysing waste generation trends and material flow-through organizations.

Waste classification studies, reviewing and recommending optimal waste handling, storage and disposal practices.

Experienced in obtaining environmental approvals and permits for clients.

Waste Reduction Group Services:

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